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          1. About Putian City, Deming Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
                      Company introduction Putian Deming machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a hi-tech corporation specializing in foam machine. Our company has experienced engineers and technicians, and have a strong technical force. Our products have been exported to varies countries, such as Africa, the Middle East and some Southeast countries. During the process of design and fabrication, in order to enable customer with ensured application of our products, our company adopts the most advanced foreign technology and keep strict quality control to ensure its precision and service life. On electrical, common program control or hi-tech PLC man-machine interface is available for customer requirements. The foam which we made have the advantages of no foam head, well-proportioned of the foam cell, smoothed on the foam top, little waste of the material and high production efficiency.We always keep in our mind that ”do everything with responsibility, and be .. More...

            Contact Us

            Putian City, Deming Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
            Address:Putian City, Deming Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
            Contact:Mr Chen

            Technical Services

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